Our double filet wood chunks can fit where size matters for your smoker or cooker unit
Look at this great head of wood fired cauliflower over wood chunks!


  • An LP or gas grill — any…
BBQ Smoke color, Black, Brown White or Blue is the key to successful Barbecue flavor
Snapper Gets Wrapped in Corn Husk and is now ready to rest on our bed of coals to get roasted!
Smokey Hungarian Peppers on our kettle Grill!

Collage of Smoked broccoli ingredients for our SMOKED BROCCOLI CASSEROLE
Our wood-fired clams casino on the offset grill with brick and the finished product
Zucchini is a great vegetable to not only grill but ember cook. It has the density to hold up over the high heat. Add a distinct char taste to this abundant vegetable either as a side dish or an ingredient by making ember fired fresh zucchini.

Fresh Corn is the one vegetable that you MUST try on the grill!

There’s Nothing Like Fresh

We discuss the pros and cons for using aluminum foil in smoking foods- in particular your BBQ and how it can affect the food.

“Does using aluminum foil in smoking foods still allow the wood flavor to penetrate?”


SmokinLicious® Cooking Wood Products is a true culinary cooking wood company that is blazing trails in wood-fired cooking circles- info@smokinlicious.com

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