We served our Best Gingerbread from the Grill as a dessert! The grilled smoky flavor was too Tasty for a Gingerbread house!
Our not so smokey Smoked Turkey is from cooking this on the gas grill, not on a smoker. We selected this photo because of the great color- not dark like a traditional smoker can impart!
As Fall approaches think about the storage of cooking wood.


  • An outside fireplace…
Our double filet wood chunks can fit where size matters for your smoker or cooker unit
Look at this great head of wood fired cauliflower over wood chunks!


  • An LP or gas grill — any…
BBQ Smoke color, Black, Brown White or Blue is the key to successful Barbecue flavor
Snapper Gets Wrapped in Corn Husk and is now ready to rest on our bed of coals to get roasted!
Smokey Hungarian Peppers on our kettle Grill!


SmokinLicious® Cooking Wood Products is a true culinary cooking wood company that is blazing trails in wood-fired cooking circles- info@smokinlicious.com

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