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Without question, electric smokers are by far the easiest smokers to manage as they require no charcoal lighting, no constant checking of the fuel supply, and usually no messy ash pan. These are units that are designed to run on very little wood product, usually between 2–5 ounces because the actual ‘fuel’ is an electric coil. No gas, charcoal, or pellet.

Are There Flavor Differences?

To answer the question of whether flavor differences exist between an electric unit and those that use combustible fuel sources, you need to weigh who the response is coming from. For me, someone who has an electric unit (we need to have a good assortment of equipment to produce our recipes), I do indeed feel there are flavor differences. Without the volatile gases that are produced with combustible items meaning wood and lump hardwood charcoal, there is less of a smoke flavor. The trademark smoke ring on meats can also go missing with electric units. Take this into consideration when deciding whether to purchase an electric unit.

The Small Wood Appetite — How Long Do Wood Chips Last in an Electric Smoker

Electric smokers are very specific when it comes to the quantity of wood to use. Most manufacturers will provide a measurement level in ounces that you need to adhere to. If you should have an electric unit that does not include the reference to wood quantity but does have a wood tray, be sure not to overfill that tray. To gauge how long wood chips last in your typical electric smoker, know first that most units use between 2–5 ounces of wood product to start. You may have to replenish the wood 1–2 more times depending on what your smoking. Larger cuts of meat, plan on enough wood to fill the wood tray three times.

Solid Black Wood Chips

You followed the directions and placed the referenced amount of wood chip product in the unit but when the cooking time was finished, you looked at the chip tray and found most of the wood chips still in solid form. Nothing was reduced to ash and all the chips were black in color. Did something go wrong?

Black color to the wood chips means that the wood processed through most of the stages of combustion and turned to carbon on the outside, giving the distinct black coloring. If the wood chips are still in sold form, then combustion was not complete. Complete combustion would have reduced the chips to a pile of carbon ash.

How Long Do Wood Chips Last? — Remember- Combustion Has Needs!

To ensure complete combustion of a wood product specific factors need to be in place: air-fuel ratio, quality of the fuel, reduced moisture or water level, etc. The 3 ingredients that must be present to sustain combustion are oxygen, heat, and fuel. If you can achieve a balance of these 3 ingredients, you will achieve complete combustion and have great success with wood product used in an electric smoker.

Can Black Chips Be Re-Used?

The most important thing to remember about combustion is when wood is reduced to carbon, it produces very little if any smoke and has no flavor release. To answer the question of whether wood chips that are black but still in solid form can be re-used, the answer is no.

Those chips will not give out any flavor, they simply will finish the final stage of combustion and turn to ash. when is a wood chip dead

Remove those black chips and add fresh, keeping the chips in the dry state when smoking with them. You’ll find better results and less waste in the wood product you purchase.




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